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Recording Observations from a Daily Walk

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Hi,I'm new to LJ and this community and wanted to say hello.
I walk at least 2 or 3 times a week according to how much time I have.Usually I walk alone,which I also enjoy a lot,but today my sister joined me.It's very warm here at the moment and the heat and lots of midges made the walk a very exhausting one,so we had a little break on a bridge.Instead of listening to music,what I normally do while walking, I talked and laughed a lot with my sister,which was very nice,too,but in general I prefer being alone.

Sorry for not speaking english very well...

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It's finally warm here - 50 degrees now, climbing to an expected 56 degrees. This morning Fred came home from work on a break and took the kids to school, leaving me free, so I took a 45 minute walk with the dog. We walked down to the pond that the city wants to fill in to make way for a Lowe's. I've voted no, have a sign on my yard urging others to vote no, and have enlisted the help of an acquaintence at the Environmental Protection agency. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Gratitudes from the walk:

The beautiful blue sky.
Stretching and moving my body.
Little birds warming up their voices with little squeaks and chirps.
Friendly people with warm smiles.
Feeling tension and stress drain from my body.

Best bumper sticker seen:
I love my country, but I think it's time we see other people.

Funniest moment:
My dog starting to lift his leg on a cholla cactus, then quickly changning his mind.


Gratitudes and Appreciations from yesterday:

Lots of deep breathing.
Healing (both of myself and my clients)
Friends who remind and inspire me to breathe deeply.
No line at the bank drive-thru when I was squeezed for time.
Having as many sets of sheets at work as I had clients, so I didn't have to go home to get more. (I couldn't remember.)
Getting the little things - like laundry and dishes - done with no pressure.
Happy, funny little kids.
Sexy kisses.
Health and energy enough to be passionate with my beloved.
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The weather is gorgeous. I'm hoping for more rain later this week - we haven't had near enough for the season- but part of why I love California is that in between rain storms there are beautiful, sunny, gorgeous days. It was a day like that on Friday, so I went for a walk. I took my jacket along. It's February, after all, and I was only wearing a t-shirt with my jeans. But the only reason I needed the jacket was to hold the oranges I stole from the neighbor's tree. Sandals & a t-shirt in February! ::beams::

Along my route I saw daffydowndillies in bloom. On the same slope were the feathery leaves of california poppy plants, whose ember-orange blossoms will not show to cheer us until April, at the earliest. The evergreen pears near my house are already losing their blossoms and starting to leaf out, but several plum trees are in full bloom. One of them was filled with a flock of bitty birds, each hopping among the branches to tease at the flowers. I should probably know what type of bird they are, but all I currently know is what they weren't. (They weren't chickadees, and I don't think they were titmice, either. Titmice are about the right size and color, but I've never known them to flock, and I didn't see any of the distinctive crests on their heads. Perhaps I'll walk the same path today, carrying a bird book with me, and see if I can find them again to identify them.)

I also startled half-a-dozen quail into scurrying along a slope. I'm always amused by the way they move. It's neither graceful nor graceless, but some odd category in between. They have such little legs, and round bodies, yet they can cover a lot of ground very quickly. Better than watching them scurry, though, are the noises they make. Such a wide range of sounds come from these birds, often very liquid, musical chirrups.

Some of the Arbutus and Manazanita around here are blooming in patches, as they have been all winter. Their flowers are so small that a lot of people probably wouldn't notice the clusters amid the glossy dark green leaves. But a neighbor's hedge of rosemary is a blatant and stunning bank of blue. The bees hadn't found it yet, but if the weather stays warm another few days I'm sure that sky of flowers will be accompanied by their steady golden buzzing.

All lovely. But for some reason I'm wanting the walnut trees to leaf out, the new green buds against the dark rugged bark. Not yet, though. Not yet.
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I forced myself to walk up to the lake today. I don't do that often because I have to walk up a busy street 1/2 mile to get to the lake, but it forces me to walk for a full 30 minutes, and it's beautiful once I get up there.

Saw: a pair of shnauzers with an owner who smiled (we had shnauzers growing up)
a lone juvenile duck ducking down for a treat and popping up 5 feet away
bare trees revealing squirrel and abandoned birds' nests
trees half cloaked in scarlet
trees still hanging on to their greenery
sparkles on the lake
clear blue October sky
Felt: chill on my face and hands
chill reaching through the loose weave of my sweater
tight legs and sore feet admonishing me to do this more often
neck loosening up on the way home
the ease of the downhill walk on the way home
the floaty feeling of walking slowly and easily once inside
Heard: my feet on the chip rock path
the plup of a trout surfacing for a bite
other walkers, runners, dogs on the path
Smelled: the intoxicating aroma of wet brown leaves in the shade of scrub oak near the lake
deep breathing the chill of the 40 degree air
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Just to help me see how much I am doing in reality, I'm going to start recording my walks to and from school and the bus stops. Today as I walked the 1/2 mile from the bus stop to class, I noticed that it was warmer than I expected it to be. Much warmer already at 8 am than it was all day yesterday. I walk through Larimer Square, which is the wealthiest little set of shops and restaurants in Downtown Denver. Most of the restaurants have little patios on the sidewalk that I pass. Most of them are empty in the morning, but a couple have people reading papers and sipping coffee, getting ready for their day. On the way from school to the bus station, I began by noticing how beautiful the sky was, and planned to notice the cloud shapes, but a very chatty man walked up next to me and asked me where the 16th and Market was. I told him that was where I was headed, and he said "good, I'll walk you there." He talked the whole way there, then just as quickly said his thank yous and good byes. It was still a beautiful day to enjoy a walk with a chatty fellow. I will write about the cows next week.
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I went for a nice afternoon walk today. Only 20 minutes, but I got out and smelled those autumn smells of damp brown leaves, dinner cooking, and wood burning. The colors are finally turning to brown, but I did enjoy looking at all the colors of the mums today. We always think of oranges, reds, and yellows, but purple is definitely an autumn color as well.
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I’ve just been out under the harvest moon. I took a short walk and enjoyed the silence. There are no crickets or frogs anymore … just the soft rustle of crispy leaves in the night-winds. The experience was poignant. I know that tonight may be the last night I could walk without shoes. The sand on the road was already uncomfortably chilly.
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I went for a walk this morning for the first time in ages. I think that will help with many many of my current issues (anxiety, stress, tightness). I started out my walk like I wanted to get it over with and grab a latte before starting my conference call about leveraging buyouts. Not good. So I worked on slowing and lengthening my stride, looking around, and especially important--breathing. I was breathing short, shallow, panic breaths, which is probably how I've been breathiang lately. It was surprisingly hard to deepen my breathing. I must have been like this a while.

The good part:

Two hot air balloons; one with what looked like an alien face.
Lots of cosmos.
The warm smile from the woman who let me cross the street.
Crisp leaves to walk on that make a great crunchy sound.
Little tiny purple flowers with red leaves.
Winter pansies.
Chill, crisp air on my face.
Time to myself.
Moving my body again.

Anyone else want to join me in restarting this community up for the shorter, cooler days?
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Hey all. I haven't walked in forever. It's just been too darn hot around here ... in the last couple of weeks just stepping outside has been enough to make me break a sweat. (Well ... that's not entirely true. I have gone walking a few times while I was in town -- usually after dark though.) I'm betting that we'll all start showing up here more frequently long about September. At least that's my plan.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in to offer greetings to warrior_poetess. It's good to meet a new member!


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I walked for 2 hours in total today. An hour this morning and an hour this afternoon. Just as well really 'cause I just had a big pig-out on chocolate. I'm very bad. In a moment of weakness I bought some chocolate when grocery shopping last week. Dark chocolate... my favourite!!

I like to watch birds while I walk. I was fascinated by the sight of an ibis flying. I've only ever seen them hanging around parks and stealing picnicer's lunches. The dogs were fascinated by it also. Especially when it landed in the bushland next door and proceeded to stalk around. They went nuts because they couldn't get to it.

I was also entranced by the sight of four wild ducks flying in formation. They swooped in and landed on the dam in perfect unison. This didn't last long because the dogs lept in after them and chased them away.

I love my walks. Can you tell?
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